Welcome to the ESL website, which gives an insight into who we are, what we do and an insight into some of our successes and impact.

We are passionate about inclusion and equality. We are determined to make a positive difference to the lives of all our participants by enabling them to develop their skills, knowledge and confidence in order to achieve their goals and to progress to further learning, volunteering and employment.

Our participants achieve positive outcomes as a result of their hard work, supported by enthusiastic and dedicated staff working across our teams. Our participants tell us that they feel very well supported and enjoy being part of a service where they learn, enjoy and achieve.

The ESL team is also committed to working in close partnership with a wide range of public sector, private sector and community organisations who also to support local people to transform their life opportunities through learning and employment. Across our website you will find information about our many valued partners that are working with us towards a common goal.

If there is something missing, or you want to provide us with positive feedback or make suggestions of how we can improve, please use our feedback page to get in touch.

                               – Jane Taylor. Head of Service – Employment, skills & Learning


Our Goals

Our innovation team is currently working on defining a specific set of goals that will help us collaborate and share best practice across the entire ESL team.
•We are responsible and creative in how we use our funding, generate and attract investment to add value to clients experience and outcomes
•We are known as a partnership organisation and create sustainable, effective relationships and partnerships within Employment, Skills and Learning, BCC organisation and clients. Inclusion is a key value.
•We have a clear vision, brand, image and credibility in Bristol and are known as the ‘go to’ organisation internally and externally
•We have developed a working environment which is agile, creative, more open to risk, busts through bureaucracy when in our gift
•We are bold about asking and negotiating for what this service needs
•We have capacity to and have increased number of residents in Bristol who have benefited from ESL Services.
•Everyone in this organisation knows what their role is and who their partners are in ESL.

Bristol City Council is a Good provider

•Effective leadership has resulted in a very strong focus on community improvement and raised aspirations for all learners.
•Bristol City Council (BCC) has developed programmes to attract and engage learners with significant barriers to learning from the most deprived areas. These courses respond to the needs of the community and to individual learners particularly well.
•Support for the most vulnerable learners is highly effective in enabling them to succeed and progress into further education, training and employment
•Partnership working is excellent with a strong focus on meeting the employability needs of learners and employers.
The use of data is very effective in monitoring learners’ progress across the whole provision and identifying areas of relative under performance.
The success rates for the adult learning programmes and for apprenticeship programmes are good.

Our latest Ofsted report