Our innovation team is currently working on defining a specific set of goals that will help us collaborate and share best practice across the entire ESL team.

  • We are responsible and creative in how we use our funding, generate and attract investment to add value to clients experience and outcomes
  • We are known as a partnership organisation and create sustainable, effective relationships and partnerships within Employment, Skills and Learning, BCC organisation and clients. Inclusion is a key value.
  • We have a clear vision, brand, image and credibility in Bristol and are knowns as the ‘go to’ organisation internally and externally
  • We have developed a working environment which is agile, creative, more open to risk, busts through bureaucracy when in our gift
  • We are bold about asking and negotiating for what this service needs
  • We have capacity to and have increased number of residents in Bristol who have benefitted from ESL Services.
  • Everyone in this organisation knows what their role is and who their partners are in ESL.